How much protein do we need a day?

Short answer: it’s up to you!

Let’s first look at the current Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) that a person needs to stay alive and not get sick. The RDA for protein (whey protein) is 0.8 g/kg.

So for example:

* A 68 kg person needs 68 x 0.8 or about 54 g of protein a day.

* A 91 kg person needs 91 x 0.8, or about 73 g of protein a day.

This usually provides about 10% of the daily energy intake.

The RDA’s recommendation is very general and may be very different from what we need to achieve our own goals, as it does not take into account other aspects such as:

  • How much energy (i.e. kilocalories) we consume or need per day.
  • Our sex
  • Our age
  • How active we are
  • What activities we do
  • Our body composition

For healthy adults, the recommended amount of protein could be up to 35% of total daily calories.

What does it mean in grams of body weight per kilogram?

Let’s say you are 75 kg and moderately active:

  • You need about 2475 kilocalories (kcal) a day to maintain your weight, and 35% protein is about 866 kcal of that.
  • 1 gram of protein = 4 kcal
  • You could therefore consume up to 217 g of protein per day, or 2.9 g protein/kg.

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