Measuring body composition


If you want to be more aware of your body composition and get in better shape, a body composition measurement is just what you need!

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Measuring body composition.

Body composition measurement – we offer an efficient body composition measurement service that provides accurate and comprehensive body information. Our measuring device is accurate and ensures you get all the information you need about your body.

What are the benefits of body composition measurement?

By measuring your body composition, you can get information about your body fat percentage, muscle mass and build, helping you to get a complete picture of your body. So you can find out what you need to change about your training or diet to achieve your goals.

If this appealed to you and you would like to get more information about your body, contact us to book an appointment.

PS! If you buy at least 50€ in our store, you will get a body composition measurement for free!

What is being measured?

Body fat mass and percentage
Segmental body fat percentage
Visceral fat
Meat mass
Segmental muscle mass
Muscle quality peel
Total body water (%)
Body type
Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
Metabolic age
Body Mass Index
Heart rate


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