Pyruvate capsules 90 pcs


365JP Pyruvate capsules. Food supplement. 90 capsules.

Why is Pyruvate good for you?
  • Increases the body’s performance and increases the energy available to the muscles
  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Increases endurance during exercise
  • Stimulates cell respiration and prevents fat production
  • Reduces hunger and tiredness

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Pyruvate is a relatively new addition to the sports nutrition industry. Pyruvic acid is derived from pyruvic acid. Pyruvate is a compound that starts the Krebs cycle. The Krebs cycle is the energy cycle directly responsible for ATP (energy) production and precursors.

Pyruvate is a nutrient that plays a major role in the processes that control energy production in the body. The pyruvate is located in the mitochondria of the cell, the cell’s “power station”. Pyruvic acid helps to facilitate important metabolic processes that recharge the body. Although this element is produced naturally in the body, studies have shown that supplements containing pyruvic acid help the body use energy more efficiently.

NB! Combined with creatine increases muscle mass even more effectively than using creatine alone.


  • Helps support a healthy metabolism
  • Increases the energy available to muscles
  • Increases endurance during exercise
  • Stimulates cellular respiration and may be useful to prevent fat production
  • Studies have shown weight loss and fat loss with high doses (22-28 grams)

Recommended daily dose: 2 capsules per day with plenty of liquid. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet! It’s important to eat a varied and balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle!

Keep out of reach of children!


Store in the original packaging, at room temperature, away from moisture and direct sunlight.


Daily dose


2 capsules: 1840 mg

Calcium pyruvate (mg)


– of which pyruvate (mg)


Ingredients: Calcium pyruvate, capsule shell (gelatin, purified water, stabilizers: calcium carbonate, sodium octenylsuccinate starch), maltodextrin, anti-caking agents (magnesium salts of fatty acids, silica).

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Decathlete Maicel Uibo knows what to drink at training!


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