BCAA 400 g

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365JP BCAA drink powder with sweetener is super clean, really good tasting and well dissolving. It is a high-quality and efficient addition to the food of every active person.

  • Pure and high quality: 8.8 g of essential amino acids in portions (10 g).
  • Premium nutritional value: sugar-free, fat-free.
  • Excellent taste and dissolves very well.
  • The best price for a really high quality product.
  • 40 pcs in a box (400 g).
  • Does not contain sweetener aspartame.

NB! If you don’t want a whole box at once, see: BCAA

BCAA 400 g


  • reduces post-workout muscle pain and fatigue;
  • helps maintain lean muscle mass, burn fat and stimulate muscle growth;
  • helps to fight against muscle loss during diet and exercise;
  • helps successfully to combat with nervous system fatigue in endurance workout;
  • accelerates the recovery process and amplifies the exercise effect;
  • has a positive impact on all areas of sportsmen and enthusiasts.

BCAA 400 g (branch chained amino acids) or essential amino acids are building blocks for proteins and muscle tissue. It is basically essential amino acids L-isoleucine, L-leucine and L-valine. All physical processes related to sport – energy spending, recovery, muscle growth, fat burning, as well as brain function – are addicted to amino acids. This is the reason why BCAA-powder is one of the most widely used supplements in sports.


Add 10g to the contents of a packet of 200-500 ml of water and shake in a bottle or shaker. BCAA is well suited for people who do sports or physically working, as well as for people who do not want to consume high-calorie and/or sugar content drinks.

Ingredients: L-leucine; L-isoleucine; L-valine; acid: citric acid; anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, calcium phosphates; flavoring; sweetener: sucralose; colors: quinoline yellow, indigo carmine; vitamin B6: piridoxin hydrochloride.

  • Nutritional values (100 g):
BCAA APPLEUnit100 g1 serving (10 g)
– of which saturatedg00
– of which sugarsg00
Vitamin B6mg252,5 (176,8%*)

Advantages of 365JP BCAA: 365JP BCAA contains 40-100% more essential amino acids compared to other similar products in the market. One portion (10 g) contains an incredibly 8,8 g BCAA (2:1:1 ratio) – compared to the market average of 4-6 g. However, 365JP BCAA-s are cheaper than similar products on the market. In addition, the product contains vitamin B6 (2.5 mg per dose), which has many important functions in our body, but its support in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases can be considered more important.

Personal trainer Ele-Ly recommends! See: BCAA apple
If you don’t want a whole box at once, see: BCAA


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